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Max Boehling

Licensed clinical psychologist and specialist in psychotherapy

Max Boehling (PhD, MSc, BSc, CPsychol) is a licensed clinical psychologist, peer reviewed ACT trainer, “Chartered” status at the British Psychological Society and provided with “specialist” status by the Danish equivalent (Dansk Psykolog Forening).

I have several years of experience conducting therapy (e.g. anxiety, stress, depression, life crisis and personality disorders), couples therapy, teaching, supervision and work-shop facilitation for professionals. I believe the nature of psychopathology and suffering stems from maladaptive reactions towards normal inner processes. As such, we all share the ability to get stuck as well as to heal.

My goal is to help you heal; lead a meaningful life where “dysfunctional” processes have less impact on the choices you make. Each session is fully dedicated to what you come with and together we explore how you can introduce real changes in you life.

I work with adults, couples, teens, children and families.

I participate in research, work shops and expert fora. Member of the British Psychological Society (Chartered Psychologist), Association for Contextual Behavioral Society (ACBS) and the Danish Psychological society.


Jonas Nikolaj Wridt

Licensed clinical psychologist

I have experience conducting therapy with people who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. I also help people who seek help in order to enhance self-esteem, taking their vulnerabilities in consideration, and in relation to the crisis that we can be facing in life. I offer counselling to both adolescents and adults who suffer due to psychological and social problems in their life. I also provide help to couples who have challenges in their relationship.

I provide counselling in Danish or English. I work with methods that are evidence-based such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with emphasis on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is matched with the particular case. A typical focus can be on how maladaptive ways of thinking and acting can prevent individuals from living the meaningful life they want in accordance to the values that they identify themselves with.

Member of the Danish Psychological Association.


Rizwana Tabassum Khuram

Licensed clinical psychologist

I offer treatment of anxiety, depression, OCD, stress, crisis and desires to change and personal development such as self-esteem. I work with both individuals and couples.

My therapeutic approach is based on a focus on your resources and how you can use these to pursue and obtain a more meaningful life. I work primarily from an ACT based approach focusing on how to face and handle difficult emotions and thoughts in a caring way while working on the real life changes you want.

I offer sessions late afternoon and weekends.

The sessions can be held in Danish, English and Urdu.


Thomas Kierulff

Psychotherapist, MSc

A graduate from The Center for Cognitive Behavioral and Metacognitive Therapy (CEKTOS), Copenhagen.
Among Cognitive Bahavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) the curriculum entailed Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Member of The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).
In addition to the Center for Functional Psychology I also lead a group for men in crisis on a weekly basis in a public institution.
My key topics are treatment of depression, anxiety, grief and existential crisises.
I receive individuals as well as couples.
These years, there is an increasing demand for couples therapy, and here is communication – a topic of great interest to me – of utmost importance.
Having spent more than 10 years abroad I offer conversations in English and Danish. At the Center for Functional Psychology
Member of the Danish Psychological Association.

In the link is a short videopresentation: Thomas

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