Consultations prices

English speaking psychologist

Consultation prices

Consultations in our office or with Skype.

Consultant psychologist

1 2
50 min. consultation 1,000 DKK 500 DKK
7 sessions prepaid* 6,500 DKK 3,000 DKK
Brief session (20 min by Skype) 500 DKK N/A DKK
Couples therapy (50 min) 1,000 DKK 500 DKK
Couples therapy – first session (75 min) 1,500 DKK 700 DKK
Couples therapy – 7x 75min. sessions prepaid 9,000 DKK 4,200 DKK
Supervision (individual) 1,000 DKK
1) Clinical psychologist 2) Graduate student*You can decide after the first sessions

Prices and experience

The consultation price reflects the experience of the psychologist. We offer sessions with a clinical psychologist holding a graduate degree and graduate students. The graduate student is about to finish graduate training and has already worked with clients in other public and/ or private settings.

Who shall I choose? We suggest you find a match based on our profiles and your budget. If you are covered by an insurance, you are often required to select our licensed clinical psychologist.

No matter who you chose, you will always meet an experienced psychologist that is part of a team that can offer support and supervision. If in doubt please contact us.

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