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Counseling and therapy for couples in Copenhagen and Lyngby

Learn to understand and handle conflicts in your partnership. A partnership is naturally put under stress during the course of time. It may result in increased conflicts, jealousy, infidelity, work related stress, and affect the intimacy in the relationship.

In couples therapy the psychologist helps make room for both partners to express experiences, opinions, desires and needs. The goal is not to change the other but to develop a curiosity and understanding about what drives and motivates self in the partnership. Through understanding it is possible for each partner individueally and collectively to set a path and take ownership for changes that facilitate a move towards the desired partnership.

A session will often involve psycho-education and sometimes there will be room to explore new behaviours after the first session.

Couples therapy may also be a tool to clarify if there is the strength and motivation to continue the partnership. If it is not there, the consultations may be used to move the partnership to an ending with greater understanding and accept.

The theoretical framework for couples therapy is 3rd wave cognitive behavioural therapy. Mainly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

We also offer sessions structured according to the Gottman Method. If you have a preference for how to work through your difficulties you can let us know beforehand.

Partner match – a tool for clarification and dialouge

Partner Match is a tool that can help you develop your partnership. Its design is focused on areas of life that statistcally contribute to whether a partnership lasts or breaks. Although it is normal to have different opinions and desires it is the lack of understanding and dialogue that may contribute to unhelpful conflicts and crisis.

This is an opportunity to explore differences and similarities; and open up for a talk that potentially can help you vitalise your relationship and make it last.

Sometimes the information can also assist you in clarifying differences that are so incompatible that neither you or your partner are willing to accept them. It gives both of you an opportunity to find an amicable solution.

It is simple to use. First you fill out the form and later your partner fills one out.

Partner Match

Where can I get couples therapy?

We offer consultations in Kgs Lyngby and Copenhagen.

Prices – what does couples therapy cost?

Please check our price section for updated prices. You can find them here.

Can I get couples therapy in the late afternoons?

Yes, please contact us and let us know your preferred time. Some of us works only during normal working hours and others work after hours.

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