Family counselling, children and teenagers

Consultations for families, teenagers and children

A family moving abroad is often under stress. Adjusting and navigating along a new set of social rules while not forgetting own needs and wants is a balance that is often difficult to strike. It impacts the family as a whole and individually.

Children may find it hard to process feelings and express wants and needs. It may sometimes result in sadness and pasivity and at other times as anger and excessive outward reactions. You may witness this yourself or by report by others such as teachers and friends.

We help your get through difficult periods; process feelings, express desires and needs. Our aim is to see your child’s needs and help him or her navigate towards what is meaningful and effectively deal with difficulties in the environment. When the child is young parents are often involved while teenagers are often coming alone.

If your child or teenager is ready to seek therapy we can work directly with him or her and perhaps as a family.

What if my child does not want to consult a psychologist?

Sometimes you may find that your child experience your suggestion as a form of pressure and an attack on his or her personality. Your child also not see his or her behviour as a problem. This is normal.

In this process we can talk work with you and your spouse. We can talk about how to best introduce the idea as well looking at how you can best respond and assist your child during the difficult period.

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