Please read before the appointment

Before the first appointment

Rescheduling and cancellation

If you are unable to attend your appointment please advice us as soon as possible and before 9am one work day prior to your appointment. You can use email, phone or the answering machine. This allows us to free up our time and offer the appointment to someone else. You will be charged the full consultation fee when you have not cancelled in due time.


We are subject to strict laws regarding the protection of our clients’ identities. It means that you can share information and talk about what is important to you in complete confidentiality. Even during supervision key elements will be altered to protect your identity.

During and between consultations

In the first session we will ask questions that can help us understand why you are seeking help; what is bothering you and what would you like to change. When we have laid out what situations or feelings, you have difficulties managing we can start therapy. You will sometimes receive homework between consultations that assist you with achieving your therapeutic goals.

Ending therapy and consultations

You decide when you want to terminate therapy. You can let us know during the consultation, write an email or leave a message on the answering machine. Our job is to make you independent of therapy. In general it is difficult to predict how many consultations you need. Often 6-12 sessions over a period of 3-5 months will help clients reach their therapeutic goals.


Sometimes we take notes during the course of conversation. It helps assist our memory between sessions. You can freely view the notes if you ask.


After the consultation you will be asked to pay with MobilePay or with cash (please bring the exact amount). Unfortunately we cannot accept card payments. If you let us know in advance and are covered by insurance, work-place we may be able to forward the invoice to them.


Before your first session it is a good idea to consider how you would like to benefit from the sessions. You can be very specific and/ or very general. You may for example ask yourself: What would I like to be different when therapy is ended It may include your intimate relationships, friends, family, work, education, leisure, etc.

You may also describe, the symptoms, thoughts and feelings that makes it difficult to change.

If you are unclear, of what direction you want to take, we can explore this together.


Therapy may raise a range of questions and feelings. During the consultations you are free to ask and address any thoughts or feelings that may surface. The consultation is also an experimental setting where you can test new skills, receive feedback and build motivation to exercise them outside the clinical environment. You need not to hold back, we are professionals and we can handle your thoughts and feelings – also when they concern the sessions.


We receive supervision. This is a forum where we discuss theory, interventions and methods with professional colleagues. When we receive advice on a client, the client is always anonymous. All attendees are psychologist and subject to the strict laws of confidentiality. Our goal is to offer you the best therapy and intervention available.

Contact us

Write a brief message with your contact details and we will get back to you asap. If you message contains sensitive information then please use the encrypted contact page.

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