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You can visit our psychologists in our Lyngby office. The Lyngby office is easy to reach with public transport or car. We also have an office in central Copenhagen. Let our psychologists know what you would like help with – and if you prefer Copenhagen or the Lyngby office – and one of our experienced psychologists will get back to you. You can also ask the psychologist a question on the blog page.

Psychologist in Lyngby

Psychotherapy in English

We are a team of English speaking psychologists and psychotherapists with offices in Lyngby and Copenhagen. We are licensed by the Danish health authorities. We collaborate with international organisations (such as the UN) and insurance companies. Contact our Lyngby psychologists for professional therapy in English.

Our Lyngby psychologists offer

Our team of experienced English speaking psychologists will assist you with the change you are looking for. We have office in Copenhagen and Lyngby.


Our goal is to deliver simple and effective psychotherapy enabling you to tackle complex problems and introduce real and meaningful change in your life.

Quality of life

Research based treatment and prevention of psychological challenges. When consulting our psychologists we will help you increase your quality of life and give you tools to reach through psychological content and experience more of the life you want.

Adolescents and children

We can help your child overcome psychological challenges such as anxiety, OCD and low self-worth. If you support from our psychologists to tackle conflicts at home we can work with your family as a unit.

Couples therapy

Through couples therapy you will learn to understand and handle conflicts in your relationship. You will get tools enabling you to prevent conflicts and focus on getting more of what you want in your partnership.

Test yourself

We design and offer free tools to test yourself for psychological stress and partnership development. You can use them to monitor your stress levels.

Treatment of substance abuse; alcohol and drugs

Alcohol abuse treatment

Are you drinking more than you want to? We assist individuals in the Copenhagen office or Skype overcoming excessive use of alcohol. You do not need to be an alcoholic to reach out – we assist you with your need. We have many years of experience helping clients getting out of alcohol abuse and into a rich and meaningful life that sustains itself without alcohol.

Drug abuse treatment

We have experience dealing with various forms of substance abuse. Whether you are addicted to pain killers, cannabis or other substances we can help you. In the consultations you will learn how to deal with psychological and physiological  symptoms, temptations and relapse.

Contact Psychologist in Lyngby

Tel.: +45 4245-4600

Are you unable to come to our office we offer sessions with Skype.

Copenhagen office

Vendersgade 4., 2. sal

1363 Copnehagen C.

Lyngby office

Lyngby Hovedgade 39, 2. sal

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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