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Using phone or Skype for consulting our psychologists and psychotherapists

Wherever you are; you can reach us our team of experienced psychologists.

It is not unusual to opt for Skype sessions. We use it regularly with clients that are travelling or clients that are living in an area where the standard of profession is not on par with what we can offer. At other times – it is simply a matter of practicality – it saves times.

You may also want to use brief Skype or phone sessions to follow up on sessions and homework.

Phone and Skype consultations may be charged per 15 min by appointment.

Is therapy with Skype or phone as effective as in person sessions?

It is a question that clients often asks before setting up an appointment. Following up on therapeutic homework and communication regarding third parties is often unproblematic. The effectiveness of using skype for psychotherapy is not as striaght forward. While being connected by a picture and sound provides live feedback – in my experience there is a small loss of contact between client and therapist which makes it the next best thing in my opinion. However, if using Skype is what makes it possible to get the help you need right now – it may be the best option.

I have already helped a large number of clients through the use of Skype from many parts of the world including Africa, Asia the US, Canada, Middle East and of course Europe.

How to set up a phone or Skype appointment

Give us a call or write us using the form below. If you are in a different time zone please let us know.

All Skype and phone session are prepaid. You can use MobilePay, banktransfer or PayPal. Prices for phone and Skype consultations are charged at the normal rate provided here.

Often we can set-up an appointment with short notice.

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