Test yourself; free psychological tests

Online test; stress, anxiety and depression

Below you can check yourself for psychological stress. We regularly update and improve its accuracy. It is part of our TELETREET project.

You may want to use it at the beginning and end of therapy. Or you can use it to track and forecast periods where you are more vulnerable and remind yourself to prioritise differently. You may also just be curious about how a test like this evaluates your level of mental stress.

Feel free to use it and link to it.

»Test yourself for stress, depression and anxiety

Partner Match; maintain and develop your partnership

Below is a tool that can help you develop your partnership. Its design is focused on areas of life that statistcally contribute to whether a partnership lasts or breaks.

Although it is normal to have different opinions and desires it is the lack of understanding and dialogue that may contribute to unhelpful conflicts and crisis. This is an opportunity to explore differences and similarities; and open up for a talk that potentially can help you vitalise your relationship and make it last.

Sometimes the information can also assist you in clarifying differences that are so incompatible that neither you or your partner are willing to accept them. It gives both of you an opportunity to find an amicable solution.

»Partner Match

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