Cheap and free psychotherapy

Free sessions for educational purposes and cheap sessions with our graduate trainees

Are you seeking free consultations?

Every term we have a limited number of free sessions available with our psychologists. The number of consulations is a maximum of three. Sometimes they are offered in one block during the day.

How can I benefit?

Although it is a limited number of sessions they are often intense and delivered by some of our more experienced psychologists. It cannot be compared with long term therapy, however you will almost always get new insights that can help you live more of the life you want.


The sessions are video recorded. Before you book your consultation you will have to sign a form giving us the right to the recorded material. We will use it for educational purposes; training of psychologists and psychotherapists.

How do I sign up?

Use the contact form below and few sentences about why you are seeking help.

Cheap sessions with graduate psychologists

We have a team of graduate level psychology students under supervision. They offer sessions at a reduced rate (check prices). 

What type of problems?

You can bring almost any problem. However, if you are suffering from a pervasive mental illness this service may not be for you. In general this includes self-harming behaviours, borderline and high levels of depression.

Where do you offer reduced prices?

The graduates offering reduced prices work out of the smaller office located in Copenhagen, Østerbro. It is easy to access and offer privacy.

Long term therapy?

Graduates usually work in our office over a period of 2 years and they do not take new clients in the last 6 months. On average it gives clients about about one year to finish therapy or change psychotherapist.

When do you offer cheap consultations?

This service is available throughout the year. However, during holidays we may not start up new clients. Contact us and we can let you know the availability of cheap psychotherapy consultations.

How do I start?

You can contact us below using the online contact form and one of our consultations will get back to you.


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