About EGOLAB – Psychotherapy in English

THERAPIST.DK is the international team of psychologists and psychotherapists at EGOLAB. We deliver therapy in English, German, French and Danish. Our consultants have worked with English speaking clients since 2010. Currently we have offices in different parts of Denmark (Copenhagen, Farum. Lyngby, Solrød and Vordingborg) as well as online availability.

When you see our psychologists you can use your private health insurance or “Danmark”.

About THERAPIST.DK -psychotherapy in English

The clinic was founded in Copenhagen 2010 by Max B Pedersen (chartered member of British Psychological Society). Today we are a team of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists under the brand name EGOLAB and THERAPIST.DK. Our goal is to be the preferred place for psychotherapy, coaching, supervision and training. We are up-to-date with the science of psychotherapy and applies it, in various forms.  Our group of consultants are able to help adults, couples, adolescents, children and families with psychological challenges. Typically we help individuals with anxiety, self-worth, stress, depression and various forms of crisis. In couples therapy we work with communication and clarification of common grounds for developing a rich and meaningful partnership.

My ambition is that you will get simple and effective tools that can help you tackle complex psychological challenges in your life and bring real and meaningful change.

Max B Pedersen, phd, founder of EGOLAB Psychological Services ApS.

I recommend you read a little about our team and find a therapist you believe can help you. If you are in doubt we will help you find a suitable consultant. Please note – we also have graduate students offering sessions at reduced rates.

English speaking

We do not only “speak” English. We deliver psychotherapy, tools and interventions in English. Our consultants are either expats or have worked /studied in English speaking countries for several years. We work with expats and the challenges of bringing a family to Denmark. We are also listed in the Thales directory.

Rates and prices

You can find our current rates for an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist here. The consultation is for 45-50min.


We have two offices in Copenhagen. The office in København K. is next to the Nørreport train Station and very easy to access with public transport.

Common treatments

Some of the  most common treatments we offer are for anxiety, depression, low self-worth, stress, social anxiety as well as couples wanting to develop and work on their partnership. Talk therapy – or psychotherapy – can help you overcome psychological barriers and become more robust when you are facing challenging situations.


Anxiety is one of the most common forms of psychological distress. It is related to fobias, OCD, trying out new things and making changes. Although enxiety is a normal experience it can sometimes put a an extreme lid on the way people want to live their life. We help you overcome the barrier.


Depression is often associated with a state of meaninglesness, lack of motivation, isolation and disturbed sleep pattern. It is often preceeded by a period of stress and or anxiety. Depression can be treated with talk therapy.

Low self-worth

There is no diagnosis for low-self-worth. It is an experience of being overly concerned with others’ feelings and needs. It is often difficult to be in disagreement with others as well as voicing own opinion. A psychologist can help you overcome low self worth.

Social anxiety

Social anxiety can be extremely limiting on peoples’ careers and private life. While the experienced symptoms are similar to anxiety in general this form is mostly associated with social situations. Contact our team to get treatment.

Couple therapy

Couple therapy teach you how to handle conflicts and build a rich and meaningful relationship. You will get concrete tools enabling you to prevent conflicts and help build a  rich and meaningful partnership.


Psychological stress is associated with a period excessive mental activity. It is different from physical activity as mental activity cannot be observed by others. Experienced symptoms are often difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, emotional outbursts, disturbed sleep pattern and increased heart beat.

Contact English speaking psychologist

If you need an appointment with an English speaking psychologist or have questions please feel free to contact us below. When booking an appointment we will do our best to match you with a psychologist that is able to work with challenge you are facing. All enquires are answered within 24 hours.

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