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Copenhagen psychotherapy – English speaking team

In our Copenhagen office you will our team of fluent English speaking psychologists.  We assist with couples therapy, treatment of adults, youth, children and challenges in a family. Find our office here.

Thomas Kierulff

Adults, youth and couples

psychologist and psychotherapy

Julia Spitzli

Adults, youth, children and families

Max B Pedersen

Adults, youth and couples

It is easy to start therapy in Copenhagen

How to start?

When you decide to start therapy you can give us a call or write us. When you write us we will answer your message within 24 hours. You can use the contact form below. If you prefer consultations from your home we also offer sessions over video connection such as Skype.

Where are you located?

Our main Copenhagen office is located in central Copenhagen next to both S-Train, Metro, regional trains and a bus hub. We also have a small office on Østerbro.

What are your working hours?

From the Copenhagen office (and online) we offer sessions during normal working hours as well as outside. We are also open weekends. Let us know when it would suit you to visit the clinic and we will try and find as close as match as possible.

Adults, couples therapy, youth and children

We offer treatment of clinical psychological disorders as well as less pervasive challenges. We work with couples, adults, youth, children and families. Our psychologists have different focus areas and we recommend you write a few words about what you would like help so we can match you with an experienced psychologist.

Stress, anxiety, depression, self-worth and couples therapy

Some of the most common challenges we help clients overcome are related to stress, anxiety, depression, self-worth, identity issues and various forms of crisis. In addition couples often experience strain over time. We help couples tackle differences and move forward. 

Children and youth

We have a special interest in helping children and youth. Research tells us that early help can be a preventive and life lasting asset.

We offer individual treatment and “Cool-Kids” programmes for young children and their families. The Cool-Kids programme teaches the child how to tackle anxiety and their parents how to best support their child.

Private clinic

We are a private clinic. It means that while you are unable to use a referral from your GP we can offer you appointments without waiting.

If you have a private insurance we can often invoice them directly. Please let us know before the first consultations if you intend til use an insurance or other payee. Some insurances have limitations and only cover your consultation in part.

If you are member of “Danmark” you may also be entitles to a subsidy per session.

If you are on a budget you may want to consider seeing one of our competent training graduates. The consultations price is reduced.

English speaking psychologist copenhagen

Meet Thomas Kierulff

Psychotherapist, MSc
Consultations in English
Office: Copenhagen and online
Tel.: +45 2798-1508

I have received my training from The Center for Cognitive Behavioral and Metacognitive Therapy (CEKTOS), Copenhagen.

My training is within modern forms of Cognitive Bahavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).

My focus is treatment depression, anxiety, grief, stress, self worth, crisis and existential crisises. I see individuals (adults and youth) and couples and how to create a healthy from of communication and understanding that goes beyond differences.

Having spent more than 10 years abroad I offer conversations in English and Danish. I work out of the office in Copenhagen and Østerbro.

Member of the Danish Society of Psychotherapists and the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

Feel free to write me a message below

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Meet Julia Spitzli

Psychotherapist, MSc
Consultations in English, German and French
Office: Copenhagen and online
Tel.: +45 4245-4600

Master of Advanced Studies (cand. MAS) in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Systemic Therapy. I am currently enrolled in a research based PhD program at Basel Uni. CH comparing different forms of therapy for youth.

I have experience with individuals in all ages (children, adolescents and adults) as well as groups such as families and couples. I am trained in applied methods such as classical CBT, Schema Therapy, Systemic Therapy and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy.

In the first session we will look at the challenges you are facing and identify a specific area for us to focus on. It is often possible to make a first step towards changing your situation.

Examples of issues I help individuals overcome relate to depression, anxiety, stress. self-worth issues and different forms of crisis. In couple therapy I help you clarify and understand differences and how you can work towards a common goal supporting a meaningful relationship.

When I see children and families we work towards an understanding of the child’s need for support and teach the family how it can support the child mature and develop healthy skills for tackling difficult psychological experiences and situations.

I mainly work with expats and as an expat myself, I have personal understanding of many of the challenges that comes with living in a foreign country and culture.

You are welcome to contact me if you have further questions or want make a first appointment. I speak English, German and French.

Feel free to write me a message below

If you would like to contact Julia – you can use the form below. Please be aware that sometimes our admin will be answering on her behalf.

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consultations in english

Meet Max B Pedersen

Licensed psychologist and specialist in clinical psychology, phd
Consultations in English
Office: Lyngby, Copenhagen and online
Tel.: +45 4245-4600
CVR-nr: 28617232

Please note that I currently have limited intake and I only offer couples therapy and double sessions (2x50 minutes) for individual therapy.

I am the founder of EGOLAB and clinical director. I work with adults, couples, coach professionals and offer personality and clinical testing. I am engaged in teaching and supervision of psychologists and multidisciplinary teams.

I offer treatment of affective psychological challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, crisis and self-worth. I also help couples work through difficulties and find a way forward with more of what they want in the partnership.

If you feel stuck professionally I can help you work on your personal and professional development. We will explore and try to understand blind-spots that may be hindering you achieving what you want.

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Direction – Copenhagen offices

We have two offices in Copenhagen. One next to Nørreport train station and two small offices on Østerbro. They are all easy to reach with public transport.

Nørreport | Vendersgade 4., 2. sal

When you arrive at street level and press the buzzer “Vendersgade 4, 2. sal”, we can let you in. If you arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment we may be occupied and unable to buzz you in.

This office is located next to Nørreport St. It is a major transfer hub for Metro, trains and busses.

Are you arriving by car there is an underground carparking under Israels Plads. You may also be lucky and find a parking space on the public street. Parking is paid for.

Østerport | Ringstedgade 6A

This office is a smaller office located discretely in the backyard of a residential building. Coming from the street you will see a large gate and when you press “Sundhed”, we will buzz you in. Go through the gate and if it is your first time we will pick you up here.

Østerport | Faksegade 10

This office is located on Østerbro. The door to the office is directly from the street a few steps down from street level. 

Office in Vendersgade 4, 2. sal

EGOLAB | Copenhagen

+45 4245-4600

Vendersgade 4, 2. sal | 1363 København K.

EGOLAB København