English speaking psychologist

Meet an experienced English speaking psychologist. We provide psychotherapy, assessment, testing and counselling to adults, children, youth, couples (couples therapy) and families.

Offices in Copenhagen, Farum, Lyngby, Solrød and Vordingborg.

Experience matters

We are a team of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists. Although we have different backgrounds we all share a passion for psychotherapy. We strive to learn and participate in research, supervision and training. We also offer specialist training in clinical interventions for professionals.

Feel free to give us a call or send us a message if you have any questions.

Where do I find you

We have offices in Copenhagen, Lyngby, Farum, Vordingborg and Solrød. If you are unable to meet in person all our consultants offer online video sessions.

Are you fluent in English?

Yes! We have years of experience deliviering therapy in English. We may be from a English speaking region or have worked/ studied for several years in that region. However, more importantly – we have delivered psychotherapy in English for several years.

    Do I need psychotherapy?

    You are welcome with whatever is important to you. It means you will be given the same attention whether you are clinically depressed or want to work on your personal development. In short, whatever you bring is important to us.

    If you send us a couple of words about what you would like to work with we can match you with an experienced consultant.

    Remember to read our FAQ.

    We provide psychotherapy in English

    Meet our team of psychologists and psychotherapists. We offer consultations in Copenhagen, Lyngby, Farum, Vordingborg, Solrød and online.

    Dr Max B Pedersen

    Dr Max B Pedersen

    Psychologist, clinical director

    Psychologist (licensed), phd and specialist in psychotherapy. I offer treatment to adults and youth. I have experience working with crisis, trauma, anxiety, self worth, depression, stress, couples therapy and prevention of stress at the work place.

    I also coach employees and leaders to find and make use of their full potential. Read more and contact me here.

    Office: Lyngby and Copenhagen
    Online consultations: Yes!
    Phone: +45 4245-4600

    Julia Spitzli

    Julia Spitzli

    Clinical psychologist, MSc

    Clinical psychologist. I work with individuals and groups (couples and families) of all ages. I can for example help with difficulties relating to self-worth, stress, depression, bullying and building good communication skills.

    When I work with children I often include important care givers, that are able to support the therapy at home. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to make an appointment.

    Office: Copenhagen

    Online consultations: Yes!

    Phone: +45 4245-4600

    Thomas Kierulff

    Thomas Kierulff

    Psychotherapist, accredited, MPF, MSc

    I mainly work with treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, grief, self-worth and existential crisis'.

    When I help couples develop their partnership I often discover a difficulty with communicating, listening and understanding own and others' impact on the relationship. You will be able to say everything you need to say and dream of saying - and I will help form the context and invite you to use it constructively; making it a basis for tangible and real changes that helps you move forward as partners.

    Office: Copenhagen (Østerbro)
    Online consultations: Yes!
    Phone: +45 2798-1508

    David B Borup

    David B Borup

    Psychologist and child psychologist

    Licsensed clinical psychologist. I have experience from various settings and particularly anxiety, depression, stress, self harm, low self worth, psychological violence, abuse and identity issues.

    I also also work therapeutically with families, children, youth and adults and the difficulties that may arise in a family. Feel free to contact me or read more about me.

    Office: Vordingborg
    Online consultations: Yes!
    Phone: +45 42 666-279

    About seeing a psychologist

    Is my problem "serious" enough?

    Our focus is always your experience. You do not need to have been diagnosed to have a problem you would like help with. Whatever you bring is important for us.

    How do I prepare for the first session?

    Before the first appointment it is a good idea to consider how you want to benefit from psychotherapy. You can try and describe it both specific and general terms. You may start the reflection by asking yourself: “What would I like to be different in my life when therapy has ended?”. Imagine yourself being free and interacting in a way, that is governed by your desire and not fears or other psychological content that may limit you. You may think about intimate relationships, friends, family, work, education, leisure – whatever is important to you.

    Sometimes it is difficult to identify what you want more of. It may just be an experience of something unwanted, that stands alone, and you want to get rid of. This is normal and you may then want to describe the thoughts, feelings and sensations that are troubling you.
    In short; while it can be helpful to prepare sometimes this is not possible and the best start is just to show up and begin the process.

    What can I expect of the consultation?

    In the first session we will ask questions that help us understand what is bothering you, situations that are particularly difficult and how you would like to see yourself in them - if you were able to react differently. When we have an overview of what situations and psychological experiences that are particularly challenging we can start therapy. We will get close to your psychological barriers and work intensively on giving you alternative ways of reacting to them. You will sometimes receive homework between consultations that assist you with achieving your therapeutic goals.

    What if I don't like the method or feel uncomfortable?

    Therapy may raise a range of questions and feelings. During the consultations you are free to ask and address any thoughts or feelings that may surface. The consultation is also an experimental setting where you can test new skills, receive feedback, and build motivation to exercise them outside the clinical environment. You need not to hold back, we are professionals and trained at being present with your thoughts and feelings – also when they concern the sessions and how you feel about our performance.

    Are you taking notes?

    Sometimes we take notes during the course of conversation. It helps assist our memory between sessions. You can freely view the notes if you ask.

    How many session will I need?

    It is very difficult to predict. It depends on the goal you set, how pervasive your difficulty is and your level of motivation to get it solved. Most often we see clients between 1 and 7 sessions and sometimes longer

    I have an insurance

    If you have a private insurance we can often invoice your insurance company directly. When you contact your insurance company let them know that you have found a psychologist and ask for a letter of coverage for your psychologist.

    How soon can I have an appointment?

    We can usually set-up an appointment within one week.

    How do I pay?

    After the consultation you will be asked to pay with MobilePay or with cash (please bring the exact amount). Unfortunately, we cannot accept card payments. If you are covered by insurance and let us know in advance, we may be able to forward the invoice to them.

    Can I get a discount?

    When you are looking for a "cheaper" / reduced consultation rate you may want to consider our graduates. When they are training they offer sessions at a reduced rate. All graduates receive intense supervision.

    I have a referral from my medical doctor

    You do not need a referral to make an appointment. If your difficulty qualifies for a referral from your GP and you want to make use of the government subsidy you need to contact a psychologist that is part of the public health system.

    How do I cancel or reschedule?

    If you are unable to attend your appointment, please advise us as soon as possible and before 9:00 am one working day prior to your appointment. You can use email, phone, or the answering machine. Please do not use TXT/ SMS messages as our phones are sometimes forwarded and your message will get lost. Timely notice allows us to free up our time and offer the appointment to someone else. You will be charged the full consultation fee when you have not cancelled in due time.

    How long do I wait for an appointment?

    We can usually offer you an appointment within one week.

    Are my sessions confidential?

    We are subject to strict laws regarding the protection of our clients’ identities. It means that you can share information and talk about what is important to you in complete confidentiality. Even when during supervision key elements are altered to protect your identity.

    Are you receiving regular supervision?

    We partake in supervision. This is a forum where we discuss theory, interventions, and methods with professional colleagues. When we receive advice on a client, the client is always anonymous. The supervision team are all psychologist and subject to strict laws of confidentiality. Our goal is to offer you the best therapy and intervention available.

    Can “others” see I have visited a psychologist?

    We are a private clinic and as such your visits are not registered in a "public" health register when you pay yourself. If a third party is paying in full or in part (e.g. insurance), they will have information about your claim and referral. We are not allowed to give information to any third party without your consent - unless your life or someone else' life is in danger.
    When your sessions are covered by an insurance they often require that we provide a small progress or status indicating whether you benefit from therapy. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

    Can I get sessions outside of normal working hours?

    Yes it is possible outside 9am-5pm. Please let us know when you write us. Beware that not all our psychologists offer those hours and there may be a small additional fee.

    What is the type of treatment you offer?

    We help clients overcome various forms of psychological challenges. It ranges from couples therapy, individual and family therapy. Treatment methods varies according to the problem you are facing and the psychologist's preferred approach. Our approach is always evidence based.

    Price list

    Price list updated August 1st 2020.
    All sessions are paid for before or at the end of the session.

    Service 1 2
    Individual consultation per 50 minutes 1.100 Kr 600 Kr
    Prepaid 7 consultations† 7.000 Kr 3.600 Kr
    Couples therapy 75 minutes 1.600 Kr 800 Kr
    Prepaid couples therapy 5×75 minutes† 7.000 Kr 3.400 Kr
    Family therapy (75 min.) 1.600 Kr
    Group therapy and personal development in group (110 minutes) 600 Kr
    Supervision of psychologists and other (individual) 1.400 Kr
    Coaching (75minutes) excl VAT 1.700 Kr
    Additional fee outside normal working hours 200 Kr

    1) Psychologists and psychotherapist 2) Graduate student
    † You can decide after the first consultation.

    We can process invoicing on your behalf to third part e.g. insurance for a 100DKK fee.

    The psychologist's self-help tools

    Psychological testing

    Use our psychological test toold for free. You can test yourself for anxiety, stress, depression and quality of life. You will get immediate feedback. Testing yourself can also be a way to keep track of your developments - or lack theraof - over time and or during therapy.

    Online tool for starting couple therapy

    Invite your partner to do an online "partner health check". Work you way through topics that is associated with whether the relationship will hold or break. Talking about differences can help you understand your partner, provide a basis for development and prevent potential conflicts - and perhaps you will be able to spare couple therapy.

    Mindfulness exercises

    Get started with Mindfulness for free. We have collected Mindfulness exercises that you can access for free. The exercsies are often helpful to combine with therapy as studies have shown that your general awareness increases making it possible to better catch and change bad habits. We also offer introductions to Mindfulness as well as dedicated training. 



    Contact English speaking psychologist

    If you need an appointment with an English speaking psychologist or have questions please feel free to contact us below. When booking an appointment we will do our best to match you with a psychologist that is able to work with challenge you are facing. All enquires are answered within 24 hours.

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