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Online psychologist and psychotherapists

Wherever you are; you can reach our team of experienced psychologists.

It is not unusual to opt for online sessions. We use it regularly with clients that are travelling, clients that are living in an area where the availability of qualified consultants is limited.

It may simply also be a matter of practicality – it saves times. You are spared the commute to the office.

You may also want to use brief online sessions to follow up on sessions and homework.

Is online therapy as effective as in person sessions?

It is a question that clients often ask before setting up an appointment. It can be meaningful to make a distinction between different elements of therapy and types of consultations.

Follow-up sessions

Follow-up sessions and review of homework are often ideal for online sessions. The session already has a defined focus and when you are already making progress the full consultation hour may not be needed.

Consulting and counselling

Consulting and counselling. When the purpose of the session is to offer learning – psychoeducational – such as when a client is seeking advice on how to help his or her child, or is interested in learning about specific psychological mechanisms. This may also be an ideal scenario for online sessions.

Psychotherapy – does it work online?

While online technology has enabled a good quality live feedback of the other person using technology will always be less than the real in person contact that you may have when you sti with your psychologist. However, often there are psychological or practical limitations that makes this alternative difficult or impossible.

With the caveat in mind – there is no doubt that psychotherapy with a video link can be extremely helpful. At EGOLAB we have already treated a large number of clients using online sessions and we currently have clients who alternate between in person and video linked sessions.

Online psychologist and psychotherapy

If you would like to schedule an online session you can contact us using the contact form below. Remember to let us know the time zone you are in and that all online sessions are prepaid. We send you a link to access the meeting when the apointment is confirmed. 

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