Child and youth psychologist

Our experienced English speaking child psychologist help children, youth and families develop strategies to tackle difficult psychological content and increase the quality of life.

When working with a child we help parents acquire tools assisting the child’s development at home.

Families children, teens and adolescents – testing and treatment

A child psychologist can help children, youth and families overcome challenges and build lasting social skills. We can also help with intelligence testing when you are concerned of your child’s cognitive abilities.

Intelligence test with WISC and WAIS test in English

We can help test and assess your childs cognitive abilities. Whether your child is gifted or challenged the environment may not accommodate the child’s abilities. WISC and WAIS give an accurate measure of intellgence that may enable the envorinment adapt and help the child explore his or her full potential.

We use the English version of WISC and WAIS. Testing takes apx 2 hours and after you will be issued with a report. The report can also be used to help school and others accommodate the cognitive abilities of the child.

Challenging behaviours; children

When a child is under a form of psychological stress he or she often reacts with observable behaviour. It may be that you child withdraws or seeks conflicts and a lack of desire for activities that has previously been joyful.

The difficulty can be related to many different factors – for example adjusting and navigating in a new context, events relating to poor communication and bullying in school or a “simple” form of anxiety.

We help children and adolescents with challenges such as settling in, bullying, anxiety, OCD, self-worth, performance anxiety, lack of motivation and desire for school.

Get tools to help you and your child handle difficult situations

When a child is experiencing hardship it is almost always impacting the family as a whole. Part of the treatment of children involves the family. It can lead to frustration and unconstructive forms of communication.

We help you see how you can support your child and his or her development into a unique, psychological robust and curious person.

Can you help with anxiety in children?

Yes! People of all ages may struggle with a form of anxiety – however, children and youth is less likely to have found effective ways to handle anxiety.

It can affect school, friendships and the desire or ability to engage in activities with other children. The child psychologist help the child discover new ways of dealing with and reducing anxiety. As a parent to a child you will learn to support your child in difficult situations. Youth are often able to complete therapy individually. Exercises are designed support the child live a more meaningful life and learn how to tackle difficult psychological experiences.

Assessment and testing

Is your child experiencing difficulties in school? We can help you and your child’s teachers understand exactly how they best can support your child. Based on a talk with parents and teachers we select a set of tests and assessments that can help you and the teachers support the child’s development. When relevant we also offer recommendations for treatment and teaching programmes.

Psychotherapy for teens and youth

As a young person growing up there are many challenges with relation to parents, friends, social media, school, and identity. Our specialised psychologists for youth provide psychotherapy for your child and counselling for you as a parent. We help you give your child a safe and supportive environment for change.

Contact English speaking child psychologist

If you are looking for a child psychologist – give us a call or write a message with a few words about what you would like help with. We will often get back to you same day and no later than 24 hrs.

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