English speaking psychologist in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Skype

Psychotherapy in English

Psychotherapy in English

Our team of English speaking clinical psychologists and psychotherapists works with adults, couples, students and families. You can meet us in our offices in Copenhagen,  Kgs. Lyngby or via secure video connection (e.g. Skype).

Most consultations are during normal working hours – however we are also  able to accommodate appointments later in the afternoon.

Our team has many years of experience as psychotherapists and psychologists. We cover a large range of psychological challenges. If you let us know, when you contact us we will make sure your inquiry will be directed to the consultant most qualified to serve you.

Is work or school affected? We can help

All psychological challenges have an impact on the environment – and the environment impacts the perceived distress. While our main focus is you and providing you with skills to effectively deal with the environment there may be situations where a third party is needed. For example your work place or school may require a statement regarding your fitness for work or study. It may also be in the process of planning a suitable and gradual return to a full time work week. We can help your organisation understand your needs.

If children or teenagers are involved we may help schools and care takers understand how they can support your child. We collaborate with involved parties on an ad-hoc basis.

In short, we know the system in Denmark and we can step in when it is useful.

Our goal is to deliver simple and effective psychotherapy enabling you to tackle complex problems and introduce real, meaningful change in your life

Typical client challenges

Stress, anxiety and depression

Some of the most common challenges are indivudals experiencing stress, anxiety (incl. fobias, OCD),  depression and life crisis. While the impact differs among people, there is often a tendency to isolate self, overthinking and avoid the life you would like to live.

Panick attacks

Panick attacks is a form of anxiety that appears to come out of the blue. Heart racing and most people describe it as freightening and extremely uncomfortable. The symptoms are similar to heart problems and for this reason it is advised to have a check-up with your GP to clarify whether it is anxiety related. In therapy you will learn how to tackle panick attacks.

Career and personal development

Sometimes a client sees self as getting passed for promotions, the interesting tasks or feels “left out” in social settings. It can cause overthinking and hopelessness. We help you identify and see behaviours that you control and contribute to opportunities you hope for. It is a process of discovering and learning how to implement new ways living the life you want more of.

Couples therapy and family counselling

A family moving abroad is often experiencing stress. New colleagues, friends, language and ways of interacting socially can be a demanding task. It is easy to get stuck and frustrated with the situation. If not handled properly it may result in increased conflicts between partners.

When there is children involved they too may find it hard to process feelings and express wants and needs. It may result in results in sadness and pasivity and at other times as anger and excessive outward reactions.

We work with couples, children and teens individually and as a family when it is useful.

Egolab and Therapist.dk

Therapist.dk is a subsidiary of “Égolab” and specialises in services to expats and other English speaking clients.

We are a team and while we consult and supervise within our team we are also part of external supervision fora. It helps us develop our skills and tackle a large variety of client issues in a professional manner.

Research based methods

Our approach to therapy is based on methods that have been rigorously studied with significant positive impact upon clients’ well-being.

We are familiar with different types of therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), classical CBT and psychodynamic approaches. Typically we adhere to modern forms – so called 3rd wave –  CBT therapies and combine other approaches when it is useful.

Setting up an appointment with our English speaking psychologists

It is easy to set up a consultation with our psychologists and psychotherapists. We can normally offer an appointment within one week. You can call us up or use the contact form. We reply to messages within 24 hours.

Contact us

Write a brief message with your contact details and we will get back to you asap. If you message contains sensitive information then please use the encrypted contact page.

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