About EGOLAB Psychological Services

THERAPIST.DK is a team of our fluent English speaking psychologists and psychotherapists. We are part of EGOLAB. Our consultants have worked with English speaking clients since 2010. Currently we have offices in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Værløse.

When you see our psychologists you can use your private health insurance or “Danmark”.

Psychotherapy in English

If you are English speaking and looking for a psychologist and psychotherapy in Copenhagen we can help you!

You can meet us in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Værløse.

What are your working hours?

Most consultants work during normal working hours 9am-5pm. However, if you are unable to see us during those hours you can let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.

Adults, teenagers, children, families and couples

Together our team can help. all age groups. If you seeking help for a specific challenge you can let us know and we will match you with an experienced consultant.

Services: Psychotherapy, counseling, coaching and assessment

Our main service is clinical psychology and treatment of psychological challenges. However, it is often helpful to use and adapt those tools when couples or individuals wish to further their partnership or career.

We can also help you with assessment of psychological challenges in both adults and children.

Prices, insurance, reduced rates and free sessions

If you have a private health insurance we are often able to invoice the insurance company directly. Depending on what insurance you have it will cover all or you will have to top up. If you are a member of “Danmark” you may be entitled to a subsidy. Let us know before the appointment if you have coverage.

Reduced rates are often with our graduate students. They all have experience and get regular supervision.

Free sessions are sometimes available for educational purposes. We then video record the session and use it for teaching other psychologists.

Take a look at our prices.

Public health insurance

We are a private clinic and we cannot offer  the subsidised treatment that the public health system sponsors with a referral from your GP. It is always worth checking as it is a significant saving.

Questions – we are available

If you have any questions please contact us. We have also collected a FAQ that may be helpful to browse through.

Typical client challenges

Psychotherapy is for everyone. You do not need to be clinically diagnosed to seek help with a psychologist. Sometimes we help people explore difficult decisions or just a particularly difficult relationship. We help you with exactly what you want help – whatever you bring to us is significant.

Stress, anxiety, depression and crisis

Some of the most common challenges individuals are experiencing is stress, anxiety (incl. fobias, OCD), depression and life crisis. While the impact differs among people the underlying psychological processes causing the challenge is often the same psychological processes and the effect on behaviour is also typical overthinking and avoidance of the life you want to live.

Couple therapy

Over time a relationship is often confronted with unforeseen events. It may be the impact of children, work, infidelity or just a busy life that over time erodes the spark and romance.

You can read more about couple therapy.

Family and children

A family moving abroad is often experiencing stress. New colleagues, friends, language and ways of interacting socially can be a demanding task.

It is easy to get stuck and frustrated with the situation. If not handled properly it may result in increased conflicts between partners.

When children are involved they too may find it hard to process feelings and express wants and needs. It may results in sadness and pasivity and at other times as anger and excessive outward reactions.

We often work with couples, children and teens individually as well as help families acheicing a life that is rich and meaningful.

Price list

Price list updated August 1st 2020.
All sessions are paid for before or at the end of the session.

Service 1 2
Consultation per 50 minutes 1.100 Kr 600 Kr
Prepaid 7 consultations† 7.000 Kr 3.600 Kr
Couples therapy 75 minutes (always first session 1.600 Kr 800 Kr
Prepaid couples therapy 5×75 minutes† 7.000 Kr 3.400 Kr
Group therapy and personal development in group (110 minutes) 600 Kr
Supervision of psychologists and other (individual) 1.400 Kr
Coaching (75minutes) excl VAT 1.700 Kr
Additional fee outside normal working hours 200 Kr

1) Psychologists and psychotherapist 2) Graduate student
† You can decide after the first consultation.

We can process invoicing on your behalf to third part e.g. insurance for a 100DKK fee.


The first session?

Before the first appointment it is often helpful to consider what you would like to happen in your life once therapy is over. If it difficult to answer - it is ok! Maybe we can help you understand. In the first session Often we are able to start therapy in the first session we also assess and clarify the difficulties you are facing. We are often able to start treatment in the first session.

Is my problem "serious" enough?

Our focus is always your experience. You do not need to have been diagnosed to have a problem you would like help with. Whatever you bring is important for us.

How many session will I need?

It is very difficult to predict. It depends on the goal you set, how pervasive your difficulty is and your level of motivation to get it solved. Most often we see clients between 1 and 7 sessions and sometimes longer

I have an insurance

If you have a private insurance we can often invoice your insurance company directly. When you contact your insurance company let them know that you have found a psychologist and ask for a letter of coverage for your psychologist.

I have a referral from my GP

You do not need a referral to make an appointment. If you have a referral and want to make use of the government subsidy you are entitled to you will ned find a psychologist that is part of the public health system. We are a private clinic and if you find the waiting time too long or just want to book an appointment with us we can usually offer an appointment within one week.

How long do I wait for an appointment?

We can usually offer you an appointment within one week.

Can I get sessions outside of normal working hours?

Yes it is possible outside 9am-5pm. Please let us know when you write us. Beware that not all our psychologists offer those hours and there may be a small additional fee.

What is the type of treatment you offer?

We help clients overcome various forms of psychological challenges. It ranges from couples therapy, individual and family therapy. The treatment methods varies according to the problem you are facing and the psychologist's preferred approach. Our approach is always evidence based.

Contact English speaking psychologist

If you need an appointment with an English speaking psychologist or have questions please feel free to contact us below. When booking an appointment we will do our best to match you with a psychologist that is able to work with challenge you are facing. All enquires are answered within 24 hours.

Encrypted communication*

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* Always use encrypted communication when your messages contain sensitive data. Please note when you enabel encryption you will only be able to read our reply with your pasword.

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