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Adults, youth, children and couples therapy. We help you overcome challenges and offer treatment of psychological challenges such as  stress, anxiety, depression, self-worth and crisis.

Psychotherapy in Farum

The clinic opened in the center of Farum June 2019. The clinic is a sattelite of EGOLAB and we have specialist psychologists visiting most days of the week. As such we are able to offer individual treatment of psychological challenges such as anxiety, depression, OCD and self-worth. In groups settings we help couples and families.

EGOLAB is a private clinic and we are often able to offer sessions within one week. If you have private insurance they will often cover the cost however, we are not part of the public health system and as such unable to offer the subsidy you are entitled to with a psychologist that is part of the public system.

Give us a call and we will try and help you answer your question or find a suitable time for a consultation.

EGOLAB is a private clinic and we are often able to offer you sessions within one week.

Parking and directions

We are located at Rådhustorvet 5, 2nd floor. There is public transport; trains and busses and ample parking next to the clinic. Use the parking area next to Farum Bycenter – Netto Supermaket. The entrance to the building in 50 meters away.

We are also online

If you are looking for a specific consultant or specialty that may not be available in Farum – please note that all our consultants are online and offer consultations with video. Just let us know, what you want to work with and if you are willing to have session online.

What we can help you with…

Various forms of crisis

Often when clients seek help – they do not know exactly what is “wrong”. The experience is some form of crisis where it is difficult to interact and/ or obtain a certain life. We help you understand the difficulty and how you can start the change you are looking for.

Couples therapy

Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship? It may be caused by infedelity, changes in context (e.g. children), work-life balance and unexpected illness. You may also just be interested in understanding how you can have a more meaningful relationship. Sometimes couples therapy may also be used to clarify differences and find an amicable path forward.

You will learn to overcome obstacles and how you can get more of the relationship you desire. It is not about being “right” or “wrong” it is about your relationship.

Read more about couples therapy.

Treatment of anxiety related challenges

You can get help with the treatment of anxiety, OCD, fobias and other anxiety related challenged.

Low self-worth

There is not clinical diagnosis labelled low self-worth. However, it is a common complaint and it is often seen in forms of anxiety and depression – however, the perception may be there even without symptoms of anxiety and depression. We have experience helping clients overcome barriers – perceived low self-worth – and live more the life they long for.

Families, children and youth

Is your child experiencing difficulties and/ or is your family challenged with conflicts that are difficult to resolve? We help you understand your child’s needs and how you can support your child mature and develop skills to tackle difficult situations and psychological experiences.

Working with children – and sometimes youth – we alsmost always invite parents and sometimes siblings along. It helps us contextualize the challenge and build a strategy that all can work with.

We offer individual sessions to teens and adolescents.

Give us a call and we will try to understand how/ if we can help.

Practical information

Where do I find you?

You will find us in the general medical practice on Kirke Værløsevej 40, 1. sal. You do not need to check in – just sit and wait in the waiting room and you will be picked up at the scheduled time.

Government subsidy?

If you have a referral from you GP you are often able to get consultations with a subsidy. However, you will need to see a psychologist that is part of the public health system. We are unfortunately unable to offer you this.

“Danmark”, private insurances and other payees

If you are a member of “Danmark” you may be eligble for a subsidy. If you have a private health insurance it will often cover all or nearly all of the consultation fee. If you want us to invoice a third party directly please let us know in advance.

Public transport

From Værløse “S” station you can walk to the clinic in aproximately 12-15 min. You may also catch bus no. 151.

Car and parking

There is free parking in front and behind the office building.

Other questions

Feel free to write us or visit the FAQ.

Contact English speaking psychologist

If you need an appointment with an English speaking psychologist or have questions please feel free to contact us below. When booking an appointment we will do our best to match you with a psychologist that is able to work with challenge you are facing. All enquires are answered within 24 hours.

    Encrypted communication?

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