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THERAPIST.DK is the English version of EGOLAB Psykologcenter ApS. We are a clinic of specialised psychologists and psychotherapists offering services in English. We were established in 2010 and have since helped expats, individuals, couples and families in English.

All our psychologists are approved by the Danish board of psychologists. It means we live up to a minimum standard set out by the government and that you can use your health insurance with us.

Make an appointment with our English speaking psychologist and psychotherapist

If you want to make an appointment with one of our English speaking psychologists – or ask us a question use the contact form below.

We can usually offer an appointment within one week.

Our offices are located in Copenhagen, Farum, Vordingborg and Lyngby

Contact English speaking psychologist

If you need an appointment with an English speaking psychologist or have questions please feel free to contact us below. When booking an appointment we will do our best to match you with a psychologist that is able to work with challenge you are facing. All enquires are answered within 24 hours.

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+45 4245-4600

Lyngby Hovedgade 39, 2. sal
2800 Kgs Lyngby
Vendersgade 4, 2. sal
1363 Copenhagen K
Rådhustorvet 5, 2. sal
3520 Farum
Solrød Stand 92, 2680 Solrød Stand
Kirketorvet 16
4760 Vordingborg


The first session?

Before the first appointment it is often helpful to consider what you would like to happen in your life once therapy is over. If it difficult to answer - it is ok! Maybe we can help you understand. In the first session Often we are able to start therapy in the first session we also assess and clarify the difficulties you are facing. We are often able to start treatment in the first session.

Is my problem "serious" enough?

Our focus is always your experience. You do not need to have been diagnosed to have a problem you would like help with. Whatever you bring is important for us.

How many session will I need?

It is very difficult to predict. It depends on the goal you set, how pervasive your difficulty is and your level of motivation to get it solved. Most often we see clients between 1 and 7 sessions and sometimes longer

I have an insurance

If you have a private insurance we can often invoice your insurance company directly. When you contact your insurance company let them know that you have found a psychologist and ask for a letter of coverage for your psychologist.

I have a referral from my GP

You do not need a referral to make an appointment. If you have a referral and want to make use of the government subsidy you are entitled to you will ned find a psychologist that is part of the public health system. We are a private clinic and if you find the waiting time too long or just want to book an appointment with us we can usually offer an appointment within one week.

How long do I wait for an appointment?

We can usually offer you an appointment within one week.

Can I get sessions outside of normal working hours?

Yes it is possible outside 9am-5pm. Please let us know when you write us. Beware that not all our psychologists offer those hours and there may be a small additional fee.

What is the type of treatment you offer?

We help clients overcome various forms of psychological challenges. It ranges from couples therapy, individual and family therapy. The treatment methods varies according to the problem you are facing and the psychologist's preferred approach. Our approach is always evidence based.

EGOLAB Psykologcenter ApS

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+45 4245-4600

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