Couple therapy and marriage counselling in English

Our experienced English speaking couple therapists offer therapy and counselling for couples. We provide structured sessions and tangible tools helping you identify and overcome conflicts. Our goal is to help you make real changes impacting positively on the way you perceive and invest in your relationship.

We offer sessions with short notice.

Build a rich and meaningful partnership

Couples therapy and marriage counselling

Couples therapy and marriage counselling will help you understand and handle conflicts in your partnership. A partnership is naturally put under stress during the course of time. It may result in increased conflicts, jealousy, infidelity, work related stress, and affect the intimacy in the relationship.

Right or wrong?

We do not try to figure out who is right or wrong. People see and experience things differently. Being “right” or “wrong” is potentially one of the most toxic forms of arguments – because there will always be a looser (and a winner). Focus in on what you want the  relationship to be about. In therapy we help you develop a focus and relationship that is more meaningful than being “right”.

What are your needs and what do you want to invest

In the process of therapist the couples therapist helps make room for both parties to express experiences, opinions, desires and needs. The goal is not to change the other but to develop a curiosity and understanding about what drives and motivates self in the partnership.

Through understanding it is possible for each partner individually and collectively to set a path and take ownership for the investment in changes that facilitate a move towards the desired partnership.

Psychoeducation and new behaviours

A session will often involve psycho-education and sometimes there will be room to explore new behaviours after the first session. Psychoeducation is a learning to understand and make use of normal psychological processes that may hinder or faciliatete change.

Example of couple therapy

Couple therapy has evolved. For an overview of the evolution og couple therapy and example of therapy BPS has an article here.


Nothing left to build on?

Couples therapy may also be a tool to clarify if there is the strength and motivation to continue the partnership. If it is not there, the consultations may be used to move the partnership to an ending with greater understanding and accept.

Methodology and approach to couple therapy

We always use evidence based approaches when we work with clients. There are many different approaches that are supported by research and our psychologist use what they believe best can facilitate the desired change.

Copenhagen, Lyngby, Farum and Vordingborg

We have trained and experienced couples therapist and counsellers in Copenhagen, Lyngby, Farum and Vordingborg. Read more about EGOLAB and our offices.

Book a couples therapist

If you have questions or want to book a couples therapist you can easily book an appointment. We are usually able to offer a couples session within 5 working days.

Start with our online therapy tool for couples

Begin the process of clarifying, understanding and making changes today! We have developed an online tool you can use with your partner to start a conversation with your partner. The tool is based on themes that are often associated with whether a relationship holds or breaks. Clarifying differences can prevent conflicts and help build a relationship with the person you are actually with – and not the one you wish you were with!

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